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What Should You Do After Hurricane Harvey Hits?

Stay Alert

Although the hurricane itself may have passed, there may be subsequent rainfall that could potentially cause flash flooding in your area.

Radio In

Listen for any updates from your local news station or radio transmission from the National Weather Service.


If it is not necessary, do not drive immediately after a storm. However, if it is necessary, NEVER drive through a flooded roadway.

Hazard Reporting

Stay away from any downed power lines and report them to your local authorities.

Home Inspection

Begin inspecting your property. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the interior and exterior damages your property may have incurred during the hurricane.

Prepare Documents

Begin gathering all your home documents such as your homeowner’s insurance policy to start your claim.

File Your Claim

Call your insurance agent immediately to begin the process of your claim. Any time that elapses from the time of the storm could potentially be detrimental in your subsequent adjustment.

Hire A Lawyer

By hiring an experienced insurance negotiation attorney, you are ensuring that your claim will be handled fairly by your adjuster and insurance carrier. An attorney could potentially mean the difference between having your claim denied or paid to the fullest extent owed to you

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