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Level The Playing Field

Any disputes in your Hurricane Harvey claim are not between yourself and your adjuster or agent but between yourself and a billion-dollar corporation that is designed to ensure that they pay out the least amount possible in an effort to remain profitable. Simply put, your insurance company likely WILL NOT care or even listen to your dispute if you’re going at it alone. Hiring an experienced attorney who knows how to negotiate with your insurance carrier may help potentially ensure that you are not underpaid or denied a legitimate claim.

Time Is Running Out

Not only do you have to consider that the statute of limitations for these matters is only two years, but the longer you wait to actively pursue your claim with an attorney, the longer it could take to potentially win funds necessary to fix the damages in your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late to talk to an experienced storm damage attorney!

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Hiring Moore Law Firm provides you the legal resources that come with over 25 years of first party damage litigation experience. Thousands of clients from all over Texas have relied on the attorneys from Moore Law Firm to help fight for their claims in the negotiating room and in the courtroom. Call 956-68-STORM for your FREE legal consultation!

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